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‘Greyish’ nominated at Uruguay festival

Iranian animation receives nomination at Uruguayan film festival.

Iranian short animation ‘Greyish’ has been nominated at the 12th edition of the Montevideo Fantastic Film Festival in Uruguay.

Written and directed by Eqbal Shirzai, the animation has received a nomination for the festival’s Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film.

The animated piece depicts the various stages in the life of an old man as a metaphor for other’s lives.

‘Greyish’ has been a frequent participant at several international film festivals.

Its most recent appearances include Italy’s “Cartoon Club International Festival of Animation Cinema, Comics and Games”, Canada’s “Edmonton International Film Festival”, and the “St. Louis International Film Festival” in the US.

The Montevideo Fantastic Film Festival is Uruguay’s first film festival dedicated to the spread of national and international films in the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres with a focus on independent productions with little to no commercial exposure.

The 12th edition of the Uruguayan estival is currently underway with the event set to wrap up on December 30.