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Reza Attaran returns with new comedy

‘Under Surveillance’ is to premiere in theaters across Iran.

Popular Iranian actor Reza Attaran has been scheduled to return with his latest role in the comedy ‘Under Surveillance’, set to premiere on Wednesday.

The actor, renowned for his roles in mainly comedies, is known to ifilm viewers for his memorable performances in ‘No Men Allowed’ and ‘Sweet and Sour’, among others.

Attaran is joined by fellow ‘Sweet and Sour’ actor Majid Salehi who is the film’s director as well as ‘No Men Allowed’ director Rambod Javan who is the film’s producer.

Written by Abolfazl Kahani, the film wrapped up shooting in October 2018 in Tehran, but faced several set-backs for its premiere.

Other members of the cast include Amir Jafari, Mehran Ahmadi, Soroush Jamshidi, Ali Ostadi, Amir Nouri, Siavash Mofidi, Ali Salehi, Samieh Lak, Mostafa Rad, Abbas Jamshidi, and Azadeh Samadi.

The film is Majid Salehi’s directorial debut cinematic feature.

Attaran entered the world of acting in 1982 as a stage performer.

He achieved fame more than 12 years later with the 1994 sitcom ‘Happy Hour’.

His award-winning performances earned him numerous awards, including Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Fajr International Film Festival for his 2013 film 'Sensitive Level' and Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Society of Film Critics & Writers for his 2012 film 'Without Reason or Cause'.

Attaran also entered the world of filmmaking and was awarded Best Director at the Fajr International Film Festival for his 2011 film ‘I’m Sleepy’.