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Javad Ezzati speaks Turkish in new role

Javad Ezzati to speak Turkish in his latest role.

Iranian actor Javad Ezzati will be speaking Turkish in his latest role in the drama ‘Atabay’.

Directed by Niki Karimi, parts of the film will be in Turkish and will feature Javad Ezzati in his most distinct experience yet.

Karimi’s fifth feature film was shot in the historic city of Khoy in northwestern Iran this past summer.

‘Atabay’ was written by Hadi Hejazifar based on an outline by Karimi.

The film is currently going through post-production and technical stages as it prepares for a premiere at the 38th Fajr Film Festival in February.

Sahar Dolatshahi, Danial noroush, YousufAli Daryadel, and Mehlaqa Meynoush will be joined by Javad Ezzati and Hadi Hejazifar to make up the main cast of ‘Atabay’.

Ezzati’s first cinematic experience was in the 2008 film ‘Gold and Copper’.

He has appeared on numerous ifilm series including ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’, ‘Chimney’, ‘Huge Problems 1’, and ‘Huge Problems 2’.

The award-winning actor also appeared in the critically-acclaimed hit ‘Midday Adventures’ for which he received numerous awards and nominations including the Best Actor award at the 2017 Hafez Cinema and TV Festival.