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‘Midnight Sun’ to reflect artificial intelligence technology

Shahriyar Bahrani has plunged into new movie ‘Midnight Sun’ using artificial intelligence technology.

'Kingdom of Solomon' director Shahriyar Bahrani has plunged into his new narrative ‘Midnight Sun’ using artificial intelligence technology.

For the first time in Iranian cinema, Bahrani, who has also been at the helm of ifilm popular series ‘Saint Mary’, will have the initial decoupage of the costly sequences of his recent film captured using artificial intelligence technology in a virtual studio.  

Exploring ‘Kingdom of Solomon’ visual effects

Kingdom of Solomon' director talks with ifilm

The procedure will be performed by Dr. Maysam Ahmadi, an artificial intelligence expert and the project supervisor, in order to simulate, study and examine the color and light, camera angles and precise timing before beginning the film shoot.

In this process, with the help of artificial intelligence, the scene is reconstructed and visualized using Virtual Reality (VR) glasses.   

At this point of the film shoot, chief cinematographer Touraj Mansouri, artistic director Abdolhamid Qadirian and special effects supervisor Amir Kamelan Zargar Zarrin will team up with Bahrani.     

It is noteworthy that special effects have been also used in Iranian sacred defense films or similar genres before. However, given the special subject matter ‘Midnight Sun’ portrays, Bahrani intends to use virtual reality to reduce the cost of the intricate scenes and optimize the film.  

Employing artificial intelligence technology in making ‘Midnight Sun’ would be the first experience in Iran film industry.

‘Midnight Sun’ will be themed on sacred defense. As revealed as the plotline of the movie, it narrates the story of valiant warriors who fought diligently in solitude after Fall 1984.