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Iran 'Coconut' in the making in Tehran

The filming of ‘Coconut’ by Iran director Seyed Davoud Atyabi kicks off.

Filming of new movie "Coconut" directed by Seyed Davoud Atyabi has kicked off in Iranian capital city of Tehran.

The flick produced by Seyyed Ebrahim Ameriyan costars Gholamhossein Lotfi, Bijan Banafshekhah, Alireza Ostadi and Shaqayeq Dehghan who have so far gone before Milad Hosseini's camera.

Other cast members will be announced shortly.

The producer’s previous offerings include works such as ‘Texas’ and its sequel "Texas 2" as well as ‘Dynamite’.

Produced by Ebrahim Ameriyan, the film 'Texas' narrates the story of two friends, Sasan and Bahram, with the former living in Brazil and the latter longing to move there.

In order to make his dream come true, Bahram adopts a Brazilian child to increase his chances of moving there. The next step which involves a money transfer to Sasan in order to complete the transaction is where it all begins.

The film’s tagline reads, “Never threaten an Iranian, even in Texas”.