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’23 People’ goes behind-the-scenes

’23 People’ reveals behind-the-scenes footage.

Award-winning Iranian film '23 People' (The 23) has unveiled brand new footage from behind the scenes.

Directed by Mehdi Jafari, the film is in its third week of screening in movie theaters across Iran.

Based on the memoir ‘Those 23 Individuals’ by Ahmad Yousefzadeh, '23 People' is a war drama depicting the true story of a group of Iranian teenage volunteer troops who fell captive to enemy soldiers in the early 1980s during the war between the US-backed Saddam Hussein regime and Iran.

Shooting for the film took place in the capital city of Tehran as well as the southern city of Abadan.

Premiering at the 37th Fajr Film Festival (FFF) in February 2019, the film has received wide recognition including the Best Film from a National View award from the festival’s National Competition, as well as the film of the year from the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO.

The critically acclaimed film is set to be featured at its first international screening at the 18th annual Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh in January 2020.