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Iranian short ‘Cover’ wins in Turkey

Iran’s short ‘Cover’ grabs award at 2019 Int’l Amity Short Film fest in Turkey.

Iranian short film ‘Cover’ has succeeded to grab an honorary diploma at the 2019 edition of the International Amity Short Film Festival in Turkey.

Directed by Vahid Alvandi, the short’s synopsis reads “the corpse of Ahmad, a basic worker, comes back to life. But, this time he does not want to lead the life he was living before.”

The cast includes Yousef Yazdani, Hadi Eftekharzadeh, Hamed Nasaj-Bokharaee, and Babak Rezapour.

The Amity fest aims to showcase films with the theme of the relationship between humanity and the universe which is based on friendship.

It intends to create awareness about the concept of friendship through various conferences, competitions, interviews, workshops, and film screenings.

The second edition of the Amity fest was held on December 13-15 2019.

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