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Iranian ‘Meeting the Wizard’ music to be composed

Music for the Iranian ‘Meeting the Wizard’ is to be composed by Amir Tavasoli.

Iranian musician Amir Tavasoli has signed a contract to make the music for the comedy ‘Meeting the Wizard’.

Directed by Hamid Bahramian, A brief synopsis for the film reads, “Colonel, do a favor and arrest me; I promise I’ll return the favor”.

The actor and comedian Amir-Mehdi Juleh wrote the screenplay and has a role in the movie.

Other cast members of the movie include Hasti Mahdavifar, Alireza Khamseh and Mani Haqiqi.

This is Bahramian’s first cinematic directorial experience; his series ‘Fall of an Angel’ was aired on ifilm English Channel.

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