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‘Better than Neil Armstrong’ in contention at Pune Int’l Filmfest

Iranian short title ‘Better than Neil Armstrong’ is to attend the Pune Int'l Film Festival.

Iranian short title ‘Better than Neil Armstrong’ is to attend the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) in India.

The short flick, written and directed by Alireza Ghasemi, will be in contention at the 18th edition of Pune film event.

‘Better than Neil Armstrong’ is the story of four kids who start their journey to the moon with the mission of finding a mysterious place called ‘The Redland’, but the gates of The Redland are being guarded by a mischievous snake.

The short film has taken part at various global film events before — the 2020 Poppy Jasper Int’l Film Festival (PJIFF) in the US, 20th Izmir Int’l Short Film Festival (IISFF) in Turkey and 2019 Lund Int’l Fantastic Film Festival in Sweden, to name but a few.

Qasemi’s film is also the recipient of the Best Cinematography and the Best Movie Soundtrack awards from the 15th Nahal Student Short Film Festival in Iran.

Pune International Film Festival is to give film lovers in the city access to global cinema and spark a cultural exchange.

“With discussions, lectures and master classes on varied topics related to the craft, they try to instill an academic flavor in the festival,” noted by the event’s official website.

The festival will kick off on January 9th-16th, 2020 in India.