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Let's ‘Face to Face’ with ifilm

ifilm has set to air ‘Face to Face’ movie on Saturday evening.

ifilm has set to air ‘Face to Face’ movie on Saturday evening.

Directed by Ali Zhekan, this weekend movie is a murder mystery drama which will hit the air at 22:00 GMT. It is also set to repeat the next day at 04:00, 10:00 and 16:00 all GMT times.

The film is about the mysterious murder of a man who had two different identities. Mehran Shahrokhi was the CEO of a company and catapulted into an aristocratic life after his marriage to a rich woman.

But, he did not find comfort in his luxurious life and turned to an ordinary and romantic, but secretive life. However, things did not go well and his dead body was found in a valley.

Shiva Khonyagar, Jamshid Hashempour, Zahra Saeedi, Mostafa Tari and Ali Omrani are among the cast members of the flick.

Ali Zhekan is a multi-talented artist who has tried his hand in various branches of art, including, set and custom design, film editing, filmmaking and acting. As an actor, he has been in a number of works aired by the channel such as ‘The Valiant of Tangestan’.