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Top Iranian box office hits revealed

Bestselling films on screen in Iran are announced.

The latest numbers for the bestselling films currently on screen in Iran which have been released within the past two months have been revealed.

Musical drama ‘Motreb’ holds the top overall spot with ‘Under Surveillance’ climbing to fourth place in just one week of screening.

The top five films on the list are as follows:

‘Motreb’ directed by Mostafa Kiaee – 316 billion Rials in sales – eight weeks on screens.

Themed on live Iranian music, the film is a comedy musical centered on the life of a live music performer starring Parviz Parastouee, Elnaz Shakerdoust, and Mehran Ahmadi.

‘Eyes and Ears Shut’ directed by Farzad Motamen – 100 billion Rials in sales – eight weeks on screens.

Starring Amin Hayaee and Pouriya Poursorkh, the film’s description reads, “A man is murdered by a female criminal, with two strangers being arrested on murder charges. One did not witness the crime scene because he is blind, while the other merely witnessed the scene as he is deaf! They only have from sunrise to sunset to survive this deadlock…”

‘No Fly Zone’ directed by Amir Dasargar – 49 billion Rials in sales – eight weeks on screens.

The drama is an inspiring story about a group of teenagers working on a project, facing various obstacles and conflicts along the way, starring Hadi Hejazifar and various young actors.

‘Under Surveillance’ directed by Majid Salehi – 33 billion Rials in sales – first week of screening.

“Ladies and gentlemen be warned; everywhere is under surveillance!” reads the film’s caption. Produced by Rambod Javan, the film stars Reza Attaran and Amir Jafari, among others.

‘Benjamin’ directed by Mohsen Enayati – 32 billion Rials in sales – eight weeks on screens.

“Benjamin’s clumsy yet sweet friend, Asher, screws up, prompting the capture of Benjamin’s mother by the king’s soldiers. Benjamin decides to embark on a hazardous journey to save his mother. This marks the beginning of Asher and Benjamin’s adventures,” reads a plot summary of the animation.

Other films on the list include ‘Living’ directed by Hossein Amiri-Doumari and Pedram Amiri, ‘Tornado’ directed by Javad Hashemi,  and ’23 People’ directed by Mehdi Jafari.