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Hessam Manzour calls Trump coward for martyring Gen. Soleimani

Iranian actor Hessam Manzour addresses Trump coward.

Iranian actor Hessam Manzour has addressed US President Donald Trump coward.

Star in ‘Tales of Manifestation’ has posted a message on his social media page reacting to the martyrdom of General Qassem Soleimani.

A part of the Manzour’s message slamming Trump on the criminal act is as follows:

“Mr. Trump! You have not studied the history properly perhaps. Albeit I doubt it that you have had enough studies on other subjects either. This lack of knowledge is quite clear from your literature.

You have expressed somewhere that Iranians have never won a battle. I recommend you to read the history of this nation, especially about the Iran-Rome wars, so you will know Iran is the land of winning warriors. Of course, Iranians have another merit too which is chivalry, which you lack. You cowardly assassinate the personalities instead of appearing in a battlefield.

If there has been a defeat in Iran’s history, that has been due to the same trait of chivalry. Iranians have always been eager to attend face to face battles. Albeit, I like to read the history and I know that American history is full of spineless murders. Some of the instances are: the mass murder of innocent civilians in Hamburg and Dresden by the end of the World War II just to terrorize them while the destiny of war was determined, the atomic bombing of Japan, the mass murder of the Vietnamese with various types of chemical weapons, the killing of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq, being an accomplice in unjust execution of Ernesto Che Guevara and having a part in illegal taking over Iran at the end of the World War II, although Iran had announced impartiality and…”

Born in 1980, Manzour is an Iranian TV, cinema and theater actor. In 2003, he started his career with stage acting in Mohammad-Masoud Tayyebi’s play. Since then he has been in some 40 theatrical performances.

He has also appeared in a number of TV series such as ‘Dear Brother’, ‘Lady of the Mansion’ and ‘The Restless Days’.

The actor is currently playing a part in Hassan Fathi’s latest flick ‘Intoxicated by Love’ which is on Rumi’s life story.