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Oscars 2020 to be host-less again

2020 Oscars ceremony is to be held host-free.

The 2020 Oscars ceremony is to be held without a host again for second straight year.

The ABC Entertainment President, the network that carries the Oscars, confirmed the decision during an executive session.

“Together with the Academy we have decided there will be no traditional host again this year, repeating what worked for us last year: huge entertainment value, big musical numbers, big comedy, and star power,” ABC president announced.  

However, having no host two years in a row does not mean the Oscars will always be without a host in the future. “It will be [a year-to-year decision],” said the ABC president. 

Last year's ceremony was the first host-free Oscars since 1989 which had ratings improved with an average 29.6 million viewers adding more than 3 million viewers from 2018’s turnout of 26.5 million.

The 92nd Academy Awards will air Sunday, February 9 on ABC.