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Kamran Tafti runs ‘Azrael Stories’ on stage

ifilm actor Kamran Tafti stages ‘Azrael Stories’ .

ifilm actor Kamran Tafti has brought ‘Azrael Stories’ to stage.

“If you once want to see death is for all, you must see Azrael Stories,” a short synopsis for the play reads.

The play's performances are slated for January 7-17, 2020 in Simorgh Auditorium.

Azrael is the Angel of Death in some religions. He is said to hold a scroll concerning the fate of the mortals.

Born in 1979, Tafti is a graduate of acting and son of Iranian theater director and actor Ardeshir Tafti.

His first experience of acting took place at the age of 7 when he appeared on a play scene.

Tafti has appeared in a number of series, including ‘A Place of Love’, ‘Asleep and Awake’, ‘Third Sense’, ‘Time to Repent’, ‘Shams-ol-Emareh’, ‘Tabriz in Fog’, ‘The Window’, ‘The Wall’, ‘The Hidden Secret’, ‘The Transparent Night’, ‘The Line’, and ‘Michael’.

He has also acted in some movies such as ‘Hail to Love’, ‘Death is my Business’, ‘Lifeline’, ‘Dissertation’, and ‘Scandal’.

In addition to acting, Tafti performs as a voice actor on the radio.