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‘Amir’ to screen on Wednesday

Iranian cinemas are scheduled to screen award-winning movie ‘Amir’.

Iranian cinemas are scheduled to screen award-winning movie ‘Amir’.

Nima Eqlima’s latest directing experience is to appear on silver screen on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

Produced by Seyyed Zia Hashemi, ‘Amir’ narrates the story of Amir who regardless of all personal problems plays the role of a confidant for the people in his life. He is now taking his friend, Ali, up at the airport to help him find his ex-wife and his son who are about to flee the country.

Milad Keymaram, Sahar Dolatshahi and Hadi Kazemi are three of the film’s stars who are already popular names with ifilmers as they have been in a number of the series aired by the channel.

The cast list of the flick also includes Behdokht Valian, Mostafa Ghadiri, Vahid Manafi, Mona Ghasemi, Kasra Mahboubi and Artin Golchin.

The film has already attended a number of international events including, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Czech Republic.