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’23 People’ belongs to all Iranians: film's cast

Cast members for Iran movie ’23 People’ tell ifilm about necessity of the film.

In an exclusive report, a number of cast members for Iran movie ’23 People’ tell ifilm about the necessity of the film.

The young actors of this war-themed movie who portray the role of 23 teenage POWs unanimously say that the film belongs to all Iranians, especially the youth of the country.

Erfan Foroutan, a cast member, not only praises the film for being a national heritage, but also believes it has war scenes that strike.

Sorena Bayramlou, Nima Yousefpour, Amir Chahardoli and Alireza Qaredaghi are some other cast members who have shared insight on the flick in the attached video.

’23 People’ is set at the Iraq-Iran war time. It depicts the cavalry of 23 young adult Iranians who did not give in to the cruel enemy who did not grant them their freedom.

The gravity of their selflessness for their country has been the reason for a number of authors and filmmakers to develop projects about them.

In 1983, a group of teenage soldiers who had enrolled to defend their homeland got arrested by Iraqi army. Attempting to show how youngsters were unwillingly sent to the war, Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi president of the time, put on a show and masqueraded as a defender of people’s rights giving the 23 flowers and promising them to be freed soon.

His plans went in vein as the heroes of our story went on a hunger strike which cost them eight years of incarceration.