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Iran’s ‘Braceball’ to vie at Trenton Film Festival

Iranian short film ‘Braceball’ is to vie at Trenton Film Festival in the US.

Iranian short film ‘Braceball’ has made it to Trenton Film Festival in the United States.

The film will compete at the 12th edition of Trenton Film Festival, which is slated for March, the Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported.

Written and directed by Reihaneh Mortezaeenia, ‘Braceball’ narrates the story of a handicapped boy who is fond of football. Despite his disability, the boy does his best to make his dreams come true.

‘Braceball’ was crowned the Best Short Film Theme Childhood at the 5th Atlantic International Film Festival in Colombia.

Trenton Film Festival screens new, cutting-edge film of various genres from around the world, offering filmmakers the opportunity to interact with audiences and connect with other filmmakers at various stages in their career, according to an online film submission platform.

The 12th edition of the festival will take place in the city of Trenton on March 26-29, 2020.