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India to host Iranian ‘Golnesa’

Third Eye Asian Film Festival in Mumbai is to host Iranian movie ‘Golnesa’.

Third Eye Asian Film Festival in Mumbai is scheduled to host Iranian movie ‘Golnesa’.

Directed by Sattar Chamani-Gol, the film is to represent Iran at the 2020 edition of the Indian event.

The Iranian movie tells the story of a young Afghan couple, Golmammad and Golnesa, who are illegal immigrants in Iran.

Working in a traditional brick kiln in the suburbs of Tehran, they have to deal with challenges of illegal immigration as well as routine life hardships.

Saeed Dakh, Saqi Zinati, Yeganeh Rajabi, Ali-Mohammad Radmanesh and Masoud Mohammadi are among the cast.

The Third Eye Asian Film festival awards filmmakers who make efforts to popularize Asian cinema in the world.

The 18th edition of the festival is slated for March 1-6, 2020 in Mumbai.