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India to host Iranian stage performance

Iranian adaptation of Shakespeare drama to go on stage in India.

Iranian stage director’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’ is set to appear on stage at a theater festival in India.

Produced by Tehran Independent Theater, the stage production, directed by Mostafa Koushki, has been selected to attend the International Theater Festival of Kerala’s (ITFOK) 12th annual event in late January.

One of the final tragedies written by Shakespeare, ‘Coriolanus’ is a play based on the life of Caius Marcius, a legendary Roman leader who was given the name Coriolanus following his military success against uprisings challenging the Roman government.

Productions by the Tehran Independent Theater have appeared at numerous festivals including the 11th edition of the ITFOK, the 2018 Shakespeare Gdansk Festival, and the 2019 Gyulai Shakespeare Festival.

‘Coriolanus’ is the group’s second adaptation of a Shakespeare play following the production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

The 12th edition of the ITFOK will feature stage productions from six Indian groups as well as seven groups from other countries.

Set to be held in the city of Thrissur, the festival will be held January 20-29, with ‘Coriolanus’ scheduled to go on stage January 22-23.