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Listen to film score created by Fajr fest award nominee

Here is the music by musician Majid Entezami created for award-winning Iran movie 'The Duel'.

Here is the original music by famed musician Majid Entezami created for multiple award-winning 'The Duel' at 22nd Fajr fest.

Ahmadreza Darvish's flick winning several awards at 22nd edition of Fajr fest, including the Best Director and Best Special Effects awards, boasts impressive original music by Entezami for which he grabbed a best music nom in the same event.

It is the first Iranian movie to use Dolby Digital Sound and is said to be one of the most expensive independent movies ever made in Iranian cinema history.

The war drama film is themed on Iraq-Iran war with a then-fresh perspective paving the way for subsequent movies as a new wave in such genre.