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ifilm series ‘Passenger from India’ in review

A rave review on ‘Passenger from India’ says the TV project has drawn highest viewership rate among series aired after the Islamic Revolution.

A rave review on ‘Passenger from India’ says the TV production bears no similarity with Bollywood projects despite what the title suggests, gaining highest viewership rate among series aired after the Islamic Revolution. 

The review by a media person says the series with an impressive 96 percent viewership has been named the most viewed TV production after the Islamic Revolution victory ever premiered on an Iranian local channel.

Lauding the director as a genius in helming TV series such as 'The Red Line' and 'Passenger from India' that could draw a great number of audiences, the piece noted all these achievements of 'Passenger from India' are due to its charming and catchy story and, secondly, the young and motivated cast.

The series follows Ramin who has traveled from Iran to India in order to pursuit his academic studies. While there, he meets and falls in love with an Indian girl named Sita. Even though her family is opposed to the relationship, they get engaged and he whisks her away to Tehran. Thinking they have dodged past troubles, they soon realize that their problems have just begun.

In retrospect, the young cast of the series had a big future in acting with 'Passenger from India' serving as a launching pad. Hamid Goudarzi and Shila Khodadad are two notable cases in point.

Suitable and logical characterization keeps the characters in the series real and tangible to the audience. Most of the characters are gray with no absolute good and evil involved.      

Even Sita’s uncle, a negative character, has become an attractive villain by the techniques chosen on the part of the author and director. A love triangle in the storyline involving Ramin, Sita and a relative of Ramin keeps the viewers interested to know how the love triangle turns out in the end.

This series gave Shila Khodadad the biggest chance in her acting career and fairly speaking, she pretty well succeeded in portraying an Indian girl who speaks Farsi with a little accent.