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New details on ‘Salman the Persian’

New details emerge on status of ‘Salman the Persian’ series.

As shooting for Davoud Mirbaqeri’s latest project ‘Salman the Persian’ is underway, new details on the project have emerged.

Following the launch of the shooting stage nearly a month ago in Iran’s Kerman province, the team has moved on to the next stages of shooting which will take place further south in the country’s Qeshm Island.

The crew will continue shooting in Iran before moving on to its foreign shooting locations, starting with Turkey in spring.

With ‘Fateful Day’ star Alireza Shojanouri set to star as Salman, the actor has not appeared before the camera yet as the filming stage is currently in the early years of Salman’s life.

Mirbaqeri’s 40-part biopic covers the life of one of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) closest companions, Salman the Persian from adolescence until the prophet’s (PBUH) death and Salman’s return to his home city of Mada’in.

In addition to Shojanouri, Farhad Aslani, Ali Dehkordi, and Mohammad-Reza Hedayati will be starring in a cast of more than 1500 Iranian and international actors.