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Those departed from ‘In My Heart’ series

Three of best Iranian actors playing in ifilm memorable series 'In My Heart' who are no more around.

This piece is dedicated to three of best Iranian actors playing in ifilm memorable series 'In My Heart' who are no more around.

Produced and directed by Hamid Labkhandeh, the hit series featured many of veteran Iran artists on the small screen with three of whom departed this life over the years.


Hamideh Kheirabadi has acted in a number of series such as ‘Bittersweet’ (1974), ‘Fear’s Reward’ (1992), ‘Apartment’ (1992-1993), ‘The Patriarch’ (1993-1995), ‘The Spouses’ (1994), ‘The Green House’ (1996), ‘Eternal Train’ (1997), ‘Seasoned Rider’ (1997), ‘All of My Children’ (1997), ‘In My Heart’ (1998), ‘Godfather’ (1999), ‘Childhood Memories’ (2001), ‘Parent' Problems’ (2001), ‘The Green Journey’ (2002), ‘Thousands of Eyes’ (2002), and ‘That's Not the Way’ (2003).

Kheirabadi also held a record number of 200 appearances in movies.

She was nominated three times for the Best Actress Crystal Simorgh at the Fajr International Film Festival.

In 2008, the second edition of Iran Cinema Celebration Awards honored Kheirabadi with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Her daughter Soraya Qasemi is an actress too.

Kheirabadi passed away in her house in Tehran due to a brain stroke at the age of 86.


Farideh Saberi was an actor on stage and small screen. She was born in 1948 and died in February 2017 due to cancer.

She has appeared in series such as ‘All of My Children’, ‘The Loneliest Commander’ as well as ‘In My Heart’.


Born in 1918, Jafar Bozorgi was one of the best veteran actors in Iran cinema and TV. He died on July 26, 2006 in Tehran, Iran.

ifilm has aired some series he appeared in such as ‘The Patriarch’ and ‘British Briefcase’ besides 'In My Heart' in which he played a memorable role. 

The series with the demised actors mentioned above revolves around two families from the middle and the upper classes of society. Sara, the daughter of the wealthy family, is in love with Reza, the middle-class boy. On the other hand, Sara’s uncle develops feelings for Reza’s sister.