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Iran-Czech ‘Conflict’ unveils official poster

Iran-Czech production ‘Conflict’ unveils poster close upon the 38th Fajr premiere.

Iran-Czech joint production ‘Conflict’ has unveiled brand-new poster close upon its premiere at the 38th edition of the Fajr Film Festival.

Written and directed by Mohammad-Reza Lotfi, ‘Conflict’ – previously known as ‘Reset’ – is considered as one of the distinctive movies in terms of visual form to be in the running at the New Look Competition section of the upcoming Fajr Filmfest.

It is reported that ‘Conflict’ can pose challenges for the audience since it is the first time in Iranian cinema that a story is narrated from the point of view of surveillance cameras.

‘Conflict’ as the only black and white film of the festival is a psychodrama written by Lotfi and produced by Seyyed Amir Seyyedzadeh. The flick deals with challenges facing individuals and their personal space.

A brief snippet of the film reads, “I think I have gone crazy… I have developed a phobia of sorts towards all of these cameras that are controlling us… I have gone so deep into this matter that I feel as if there is someone behind each camera; someone who is watching my every move.”

Starring in the film are Reza Behboudi, Soudabeh Beyzaee, Mohammad Sediqi, Hamed Rahimi, Parisa Mohammadi, and Roqiyyeh Afshinpour.