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‘Worlds Apart’ actress talks with ifilm

If you enjoy watching current ifilm series 'Worlds Apart', don't miss this exclusive ifilm talk with one of the main cast.

In an ifilm exclusive interview with one of main actresses in ‘Worlds Apart’, Fatemeh Goudarzi talks about her acting career.

Goudarzi playing a main role in current ifilm series 'Worlds Apart' said in an interview conducted by the channel’s Persian desk about her thoughts and latest developments as an Iranian actress. Below are select parts of her interview:

ifilm: Ms. Goudarzi, I think most cinema and television audiences first saw you on the big screen. You played in great movies such as ‘I Want to Stay Alive’, ‘Ghazal’ and ‘My Desirable Wife" shown in cinemas. But, how come you are less seen on the silver screen these days?

Actress: Yes. I love every single one of those movies you said. The fact of the matter is, after being so many years in the acting industry, I don’t accept roles just like that. I have quite a bit of offers in cinema, yet they aren't the ones I like. Cinema owes me a special role!

ifilm: We found out a while ago that you had an unfortunate on-set accident while shooting a series.

No. I didn't get hurt on-set, but the accident happened out of the series filming location. Now I'm better, thanks God.

I basically choose roles that appeal to me. The same thing happened in the ‘Nurses’ series. I was a head-nurse who had a strong relationship with her students and a mother worried about her children. I needed to see them together.

All in all, ‘Nurses’ was fascinating to me and I think the audiences could relate to it because the ‘Nurses’ story came out of the lives of ordinary people, and it seemed like everyone could relate to each nurse’s different story.

ifilm: And any last thoughts for our viewers?

I should say that there are a lot of people and TV audiences who are looking for exciting, informative and new series. We all need to take a step forward to draw TV audiences from every walk of life.