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ifilm star Ashkan Khatibi to restage ‘The Good Doctor’

ifilm star Ashkan Khatibi is to restage Neil Simon’s ‘The Good Doctor’.

ifilm star Ashkan Khatibi has scheduled to restage American playwright Neil Simon’s comic play ‘The Good Doctor’.

The musical comedy, set to be restaged at Tehran’s Sepand Hall on February 14.

The only connecting thread between the series is the character of the writer, who is reminiscent of Chekhov.

The performances will be held by a cast composed of Katibi’s acting students.

Khatibi staged the play for the first time in August 2018 at Divare Chaharom Theater in downtown Tehran.

‘The Good Doctor’ had been performed previously at various theaters in Tehran and several other Iranian cities by different directors and troupes.

Khatibi is also planning to stage ‘Reading Chekhov under the Supervision of a Representative from the Russian Federation’ at Sepand Hall on February 14.

The play is based on plays by English playwright and novelist Michael Frayn, Iranian writer Omid Sohrabi and Khatibi.

Both plays will remain on stage for two weeks.

Born in 1978, Khatibi has a bachelor’s degree in Theater from the Islamic Azad University.

Some movies which he has appeared in include ‘So Close, So Far’, ‘Absolutely Tame is a Horse’, and ‘The Rules of Accidents’.

Among the series he had roles in are ‘Travel Companion’, ‘Time of Rebellion’, ‘If My Dad Were Alive’, ‘Breathless’, ‘On the Way to Zayandeh Roud’, ‘Lean on the Wind’ and ‘Relatively Bad Guys’.