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38th Fajr filmfest contender ‘Skin’ releases trailer

The 38th Fajr filmfest contender ‘Skin’ releases trailer.

The 38th Fajr Film Festival contender ‘Skin’ has released a trailer.

Bahman and Bahram Ark’s debut directing experience mixes romance and fantasy genres.

‘Skin’ narrates the story of a mother and a son who have faced a problem in life. The family is involved in some magic and superstitions.

Ark brothers have already made an award-winning short film titled ‘AniMal’ which is the story of a man who is trying to illegally cross the border. The man chooses to camouflage inside a dead animals skin.

Having a different and personal atmosphere while trying to tackle unconventional issues, Ark Brothers’ horror movie has not featured any well-known names and stars. The film is said to offer new suggestions for the future of Iranian cinema.

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