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‘Goodbye Olympic’ to head to Portugal

Iran’s short film ‘Goodbye Olympic’ is to participate at Triste Para Sempre film festival in Portugal.

Iran’s short film ‘Goodbye Olympic’, directed by Mojtaba Pourbakhshi, is set to participate at Triste Para Sempre (Sad Forever) film festival in Portugal.

“Maria is a champion of kayak waiting to leave for the race, held in France, for the Olympic qualification. The departure of the kayaking team will be canceled due to the emergence of various problems,” a synopsis for the film reads.

The film’s participation at the festival marks its second international appearance.

Triste Para Sempre is “the festival that dedicates all its spotlight to melancholia, sadness and anything but happy endings”, the event’s website reads.

Triste Para Sempre film festival will be held in the city of Lisbon on February 20-23.