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Iran’s ‘This Side-Other Side’ to go on screen in Germany

Iranian animation ‘This Side-Other Side’ is to go on screen at the Termeh 4th Iranian Cultural fest in Germany.

Directed by Lida Fazli, Iranian animation ‘This Side-Other Side’ has been selected to go on screen at the Termeh 4th Iranian Cultural Festival in Germany.

The animation shows some kids from the two sides of a borderline that make friends and play games with one another.

This amity between the kids enrages the adults and triggers them to start a war.

According to an ifilm exclusive talk with the director, she has made the short to convey the message that no border can limit friendship and love.

Fazli emphasizes the fact that the love and kinship that exist between the kids is so pure and innocent that nothing can destroy it, even the dark shadow of war.

The 4th Termeh event aims to showcase the works of Iranian artists from around the world.

It allows all Iranian artists (abroad or in Iran) to meet.

This edition of the fest is slated for January 30-February 12, 2020.

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