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Iran’s ‘Dying in Holy Water’ reveals poster

Iranian film ‘Dying in Holy Water’ unveils poster prior to going on screen at the Fajr filmfest.

Directed by Mahmoudi brothers, ‘Dying in Holy Water’ has revealed poster prior to going on screen at the 38th Fajr Film Festival (FFF).

Produced by Jamshid Mahmoudi and directed by Navid Mahmoudi, the film narrates the story of some young Afghans who go from Iran to Europe.

The synopsis reads “Rona: Hamed, don’t fear the sea. If you are afraid of anything, it’s more likely that it will happen to you.

Hamed: I don’t.”

The cast of the film includes Ali Shademan, Neda Jebraeeli, Matin Heidarnia, Sadaf Asgari, Sogol Khaliq, Alireza Ara, Amir-Reza Ranjbaran, Khayyam Vaqar, Peyman Moqaddami, Mahtab Jafari, Farid Eshaqi, Mahya Rezaee, Fatemeh Mirzaee, and Alireza Mehran.

The film will go on screen for cineastes at the 38th FFF on February 6, 2020.