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ifilm makes series visible: ‘The Window’ actress

Fariba Naderi says in an exclusive interview that ifilm channel makes series more visible to the audiences.

In an exclusive interview with 'The Window' actress, Fariba Naderi says ifilm channel makes series more visible to the audiences.

The actress well-know to ifilmers for the likes of 'The Window',  'The Forgotten' and 'Factor 8', highlighted the role of ifilm as a platform of TV series and movies, noting the channel "makes series more visible, allowing the viewers to watch nostalgic ones."

She said to ifilm, "I have had very little work experience in cinema than television, and mostly have worked in television, and usually I prefer television, because television caters to the needs of a large part of society and everyone watches it. Many factors are considered in the case of TV productions and the audience choice is respected there."

Naderi studied Computer Graphics and works in the field of the advertisement.

Her debut TV series was ' The Scarlet Pearl' (2004).

She has appeared in several TV series, including 'Non-Classified' (2008), 'Factor 8' (2008), 'The Sky Isn't Always Cloudy' (2009), 'Yalda' (2008), 'The Bounced Check' (2011) and 'Setayesh 2' (2013).

Naderi has also taken part in several movies such as 'Look with Your Eyes Shut' (2011), 'Good Woman, Good Man' (2013) and 'On the Way To the Bride Home' (2015).

She was the wife of the late Iranian producer and director, Masoud Rassam.