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'Third Sense' to wrap up on ifilm

ifilm series 'Third Sense' is to wrap up Friday on your favorite channel.

ifilm series 'Third Sense' is to wrap up Friday, January 31st, on your favorite channel.

Produced by Habib Esmaeeli and directed by Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, the series finale will be aired tonight on ifilm at 22:00 GMT.

In the series, Sima, who lost her sense of smell when she was a child, has a car accident; then she begins to suffer from a minor brain injury, but her sense of smell returns. This happens with an intense abnormality.

Now she could smell things that others cannot. Sima finds out that she is hypersensitive to the particular smell of opium.

Taking advantage of her new ability, her husband wants to extort money from drug addicts.

He learned it is an easy way to make money, but things spin out of control once they get mixed up with the police.

The series was made in 2004 and its cast includes Kamran Tafti, Sirous Ebrahimzadeh, Habib Dehqan-Nasab, Nasrin Moqanlou, Rouhollah Kamani, Leila Barkhordari, Anoushiravan Fatemi, Behrouz Qaderi, Mahyar Shapouri, and the director Fakhimzadeh.

The series will be replaced by 'The Innocent Ones'.