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ifilm exclusive talk with ‘Solace of the Heart’ actor

‘Solace of the Heart’ actor sits down for an exclusive interview with ifilm, talking about the hit series.

‘Solace of the Heart’ actor Abdorreza Akbari sits down with ifilm for an exclusive interview, talking about his role in the hit series.

In the interview conducted by ifilm Persian desk, the actor playing a main role in the series disclosed details on his part in  Hossein Soheilizadeh's offering. Below is a rough translation of select parts:

ifilm: Tell us more about your role in the series playing the character named Atabak:

Akbari:The fact of the matter is this series was not my first collaboration with director Soheilizadeh. He knows his job quite well and is very creative. We have a good understanding of each other at work. When the role of Atabak was offered to me, the script was incomplete. I took the offer as I had full confidence in him and accepted to play in the series. To me, the role of Atabak entailed dichotomy and contradiction, I also loved the complexity of the role.

ifilm: What do you think of ifilm repeating some series?

Akbari:I believe series have fewer audiences in their debuts in comparison with the time they re-air at a later time. I have experienced this many times--when series re-aired on ifilm, more viewers watched them. That is the audience may have missed either the beginning episodes or the whole series all together when they debuted on a channel’s playlist.

ifilm: Most of the actors were making their debut on the small screen with this series at the time. How did you interact with these actors?

Akbari: I use to learning from all young actors in the industry. An actor is constantly in the process of experiencing and learning. It does not matter if the one playing opposite me is a young, or middle-aged actor.

ifilm: Mr. Akbari, you have made fewer appearances in movies and series these days when comparing your activities in the past.  What is the reason for that?

Akbari: First of all, I don't like those scripts handed to me; a case in point is the series ‘Another Birth’. The script was read and changed several times till we reached the final version. Additionally, I'm looking for different roles that I haven't played before, and hopefully these roles come in.