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‘Walnut Tree’ unveils official trailer

Fajr contender ‘Walnut Tree’ releases official trailer.

Iranian feature ‘Walnut Tree’ has released its official trailer prior to its premiere at the 38th edition of the Fajr Film Festival.

The film is award-winning director Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian’s latest project following the blockbuster success of his previous film ‘Midday Adventures: Trace of Blood’.

Based on a true story, ‘Walnut Tree’ brings to life the horrific story of the chemical weapon attacks on northwestern Iran by the former US-backed regime of Saddam Hussein.

The film’s caption reads, “It might be time for everyone to be informed about this story; a story that began next to this Walnut Tree”.

Peyman Maadi, Mehran Modiri, and Mina Sadati are among the film’s cast.

Produced by Seyyed-Mostafa Ahmadi, the film was written by Ebrahim Amini and Hossein Hassani.