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Iranian short ‘Game’ to vie in Brussels

Iranian short ‘Game’ is slated to vie in Brussels.

Directed by Ali Haddadi, the Iranian short film ‘Game’ has been selected to compete at the 2020 Brussels Independent Film Festival.

The short narrates the story of a man who has to compensate for his son’s wrongdoing.

The man does not have enough money to pay for his son’s misbehavior.

Despite trying to solve the problem based on the principles he believes in, the man fails.

Some of the cast members are Vahid Habibian, Soheil Qanadan, Sami Moslemi, Maral Ostadi, Mehrab Rahimi and Armin Jodakhani.

The weeklong Brussels fest is an annual event that celebrates independent and experimental works.

The fest is slated for February 9-15, 2020.

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