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ifilm exclusive on Iranian feature ‘First Signature for Raana’

Watch ifilm exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘First Signature for Raana’ by Ali Zhakan.

ifilm English TV has published an exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘First Signature for Raana’ produced and directed by Ali Zhakan.

ifilm has interviewed the screenwriter and director Zhakan, the sound engineer Farid Pirayesh, the actor Alireza Jalali-Tabar, as well as the actresses Shahrzad Kamalzadeh and Shahin Taslimi.

The film narrates the story of a writer named Jahangir who has married Raana some years ago. They have a six-year-old son, Nima.

Jahangir has published three books, but his income is not enough for their living.

They rent the house of one of their old friends and pay him a very low rent.

But now, their friend is going to move to the house and Jahangir has to find a new place. The situation destroys his life.

In addition to Jalali-Tabar, Kamalzadeh, and Taslimi, the cast list of the film includes Shaqayeq Rahbari, Hamid-Reza Hedayati, Felor Nazari, Nader Naderpour, Mohsen Abdollahian and Hamid Fallahi.