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'Shams-ol-Emareh' actress loses hearing in new Fajr flick

ifilm has talked with Hanieh Tavassoli about her new film ' Silence, the Cochlea', attending latest edition of Fajr fest n Iran.

In an ifilm exclusive interview, popular Iranian actor Hanieh Tavassoli starring in hit series 'Shams-ol-Emareh' talks about her new Fajr fest movie.

Star of ifilm movies and series such as 'Vafa', 'The Corridor' and 'The Forbidden Fruit' talked with ifilm about her new film 'Silence, the Cochlea' featuring the actress as a person with hearing impairment.

Below is a translation of the interview originally conducted in Persian:

ifilm: Miss Tavassoli, this year at the Fajr Film Festival you are featured  in a special role. Tell us a bit about ‘Silence, the Cochlea' and the role you played in this flick.

Tavassoli: Yes. My role was a special one, never experienced it before because I had to enter a world that I was totally unaware of.

Before I was offered the role in the movie, I'd thought disabling hearing loss is the same as mild or moderate hearing loss, but then they were completely different.


ifilm: So you faced a serious challenge in accepting the role of a deaf woman?

Tavassoli: Yes. Seriously a big challenge. My first challenge was that I worked with those who were teaching sign language and it took me about a month to somewhat learn the sign language.

It was very difficult, yet enjoyable, for me  because actors would like to play tough roles. My second challenge was that I had to let out a deaf woman’s voice.

ifilm: In your opinion, will the flick grab the audience's attention at this year’s festival?

Tavassoli: Well I can't comment on this, but I think the movie has a new look at the world that very few people have encountered. About my role, I should say it impressed me a lot and I put my heart into it, playing Nahid's character.



Wow. This sounds like a great movie.