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Turkey’s Izmir screening Iran’s ‘Manicure’

Arman Fayyaz’s ‘Manicure’ is taking part at a short film event in Turkey’s Izmir.

Arman Fayyaz’s ‘Manicure’ has been taking part at an event on Iranian short films in Turkey’s Izmir.

Earlier reports said that ‘Elephant’s Shadow’, ‘Birthday Night’, ‘It Rains Slowly’, and ‘Azadeh’ are also attending the event “Month of Iranian Short Film” in Izmir.

'Manicure' tells the story of a young man who has trouble coping with the sudden death of his wife, while facing pressure from angry local villagers after a shocking fact is revealed during her burial.

Produced in 2017, the 14-minute short film has so far participated at various global events, including the 24th Encounters Film Festival in the UK, the 9th Istanbul International Short Film Festival in Turkey, the Big Bang International Short Film Festival in Greece and the 35th Sundance Film Festival in the US.

'Manicure' has also received various awards such as the best short film award at the 5th Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival in the US as well as the Special Jury Prize at the 2018 Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival (Curta Cinema) in Brazil.

‘Manicure’ also grabbed the Best Film award at the City Blue Film Awards in Spain.

The event “Month of Iranian Short Film” kicked off on February 6 and is well-received by fans of Iranian films. It will run until March 7, 2020.

Two short films from Iran are screened every week as part of the event.