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Iranian ‘Hot Scent’ releases trailer

Iranian feature ‘Hot Scent’ releases trailer prior to public screening.

New Iranian feature ‘Hot Scent’ has released a trailer prior to going on public screens across the country.

Directed by Ali Ebrahimi and produced by Mohammad Athari as well as Amir-Shahab Razavian, ‘Hot Scent’ is the story of generation gap.

Maryam, a 20 year old girl has strict parents. One night after returning home late and spending time with her friend, she is forced to stay overnight at a friend’s place, trying to hide the fact from her father. But now she is also forced to be thrown into the lives of strangers.

The 83-minute film stars Shahram Haqiqatdoust, Khatereh Asadi, Mehrdad Seddiqian, Bahareh Kian-Afshar, and Sima Tirandaz.

The director, Ebrahimi, has Associate Degree in cinema and started working in the film industry as the art director assistant at the age of 16. Four years later, he was in charge of art direction and costume design for some titles. In 2010 he directed his first short film. He has also had some experiences in theater and sculpting.

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