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‘The Light’ publishes first onset image

‘The Light’ has published first onset image featuring Reza Attaran.

New movie project ‘The Light’ has published first onset image featuring ifilm star Reza Attaran.

According to reports, in this film Attaran has taken on a totally different role compared to previous roles he had played.

Attaran, who is a well known figure to ifilmers due to his comic role in ‘No Men Allowed’ and ‘Sweet and Sour’, is the first actor who has joined the team.

The pre-production stage of Rouhollah Hejazi’s sixth directorial offering, which kicked off late January, is currently underway in Tehran.

Just like other productions made by Hejazi, ‘The Light’ is a star-studded piece of work.

The screenplay of ‘The Light’ has been written by Hejazi and he has also been in charge of producing his own movie.

Attaran has appeared in several movies and series. He achieved fame through the comedy television series 'Happy Hour' in 1994. To know more about the actor, click here.