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Big vs. small screens; how different could they be?: 'Asleep and Awake' director answers

In an ifilm exclusive report, director of popular series 'Asleep and Awake' talks about differences in TV and cinema productions.

In an exclusive report, director of ifilm popular series 'Asleep and Awake' talks about differences in TV  and cinema productions.

Mehdi Fakhimzadeh said to ifilm on how TV and cinema productions could be different, noting, "TV frame is different from that of cinema. When Sidney Lumet was making a movie, he got told the flick was for home viewers" and Lument reacted by saying that 'I wrote this film for the big screen'.

Talking about his initial experience in making films and series, he also said, "When I was filming  a movie scene, always had the big screen in mind. But I never worked for cinema or TV. I made my first series having the big screen in mind."

The actor/director is one of the best artists in action/thriller movies and series ever made in Iranian TV and cinema.