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‘We Were There’ wins at McMinnville Short Filmfest

Saeed Vahidi’s ‘We Were There’ wins award at the McMinnville Short Film Festival in the US.

Saeed Vahidi’s ‘We Were There’ has bagged award from the McMinnville Short Film Festival (MSFF) in the US.

In its first international appearance, Iran 2019 short title succeeded to win the Best Picture Award from the 9th edition of the short film event.

“Nahal’s friends are preparing a surprise party for her but they suddenly find themselves in an unpredictable situation,” reads as a brief synopsis of the film.

Included in the cast list are Elnaz Rezaee, Hamidreza Jadid, Iman Karbalaeeyan, Torkan Vahedi Rajabi, Ramin Khouee and Ata Sina.

The McMinnville Short Film Festival is a celebration of short films of any genre and of no more than 20 minutes in length.

The MSFF was held on February 21-23, 2020.