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Amin Hayaee, Amir Jafari join ‘Dancer’

ifilm stars Amir Jafari and Amin Hayaee join new cinematic project ‘Dancer’.

New cinematic project titled ‘Dancer’ has taken on ifilm stars Amir Jafari and Amin Hayaee.

The two popular Iranian actors have joined the cast of Bahman Goudarzi’s latest cinematic flick.

Amin Hayaee is a prolific Iranian actor who has been in a considerable amount of ifilm flicks including, ‘My Sky’, ‘The Yellow Rose’, ‘Neighbors’ and ‘Mom’s Guests’.

Star in ‘Under the Vestibule’, ‘Madness of Love’ and ‘Spare’, Amir Jafari, has also run a very successful artistic career so far. He has been acting in various flicks and has brought to life a spectrum of roles from comedies to quite serious ones.

‘Dancer’, which themes on immigration, is still at the casting stage and will soon recruit more actors.

ifilm viewers are already familiar with Bahman Goudarzi’s filmmaking style as they have seen his series ‘The Sixth Person’.