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Japan’s Fujisawa screens lineup of Iranian movies

Japanese city of Fujisawa hosts lineup of Iranian movies.

The Japanese city of Fujisawa has screened a lineup of Iranian feature films during a two-day program on Saturday and Sunday.

The lineup of six feature films went on the Japanese screen as part of a provincial Iranian film festival in Japan, organized by the Iranian embassy in Tokyo in cooperation with the municipality of Fujisawa in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

The lineup included ‘The Painting Pool’, ‘So Close, So Far’, ‘Sweet Taste of Imagination’, ‘Crazy Castle’, ‘Bodyguard’, and the documentary ‘The Last Supper’.

Directed by Maziar Miri, ‘The Painting Pool’ is a remarkable portrait of two people fighting for their right to be a family despite being mentally challenged.

They try hard to lead a regular life and care for their son, Soheil, but for them everything is a challenge, even cooking or crossing the street, let alone raising a normal child who soon realizes his mentally challenged parents are not like everybody else.

Directed by Reza Mirkarimi, ‘So Close, So Far’ tells the story of Mahmoud Alam who is a highly successful surgeon who lives a good life in Tehran, or it seems so.

But he has dedicated most of his time to appearing on TV talk shows and having fun with his friends; so he does not seem to have enough time for his family, especially his son, Saman.

Directed by Kamal Tabrizi, ‘Sweet Taste of Imagination’ tells the story of a man so fascinated with protecting the environment that he has dedicated his entire life to it.

All he can think of is clean energies and educating others on how to keep the planet safe. This is when he meets a young lady who equally fascinates him.

Directed by Abolhassan Davoudi, ‘Crazy Castle’ narrates the story of a group of young people who are members of an online community.

They plan to meet each other at an event in a cafe in Tehran. One girl’s urgent need brings six of them together. What starts as a prank continues to unfold into a complicated situation, which reveals new aspects of each character.

Directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia, 'Bodyguard' chronicles the story of a middle aged man who protects high-ranking political figures.

He gets into trouble when a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest approaches the vice president. Then he has to evaluate the values that he sacrifices for.

Directed by Mohammad Qane-Fard, ‘The Last Supper’ is about the lives of Muslims and Christians in Syria.