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Pejman Bazeghi shows makeup look in ‘Bazivoo’

New film production ‘Bazivoo’ reveals makeup look for Pejman Bazeghi.

New film production ‘Bazivoo’ has revealed new makeup look for Pejman Bazeghi.

'Passing through the Hardships' star Bazeghi has appeared in a negative role in ‘Bazivoo’ which is a kid flick made by Amir Hossein Qahraee.

 In a recent media interview, Amir Hossein Qahraee, director of ‘Bazivoo’, said that “The main purpose of making this film was to create a happy atmosphere for children.”

“As a musical, the film aims to have a great positive influence on children’s mind to bring them joy and take them away from the real world,” he added.

“In this movie, the viewer faces a digital world with specific features,” said the actor Salaman Khorshidi.

‘Bazivoo’ is the only flick catering to children and families that is to get theatrical release during Nowruz holidays in Iran.

Bazeghi has costarred with Qahraee, director, as well as Sahar Zakaria and Linda Kiani.

The flick's description reads, "The land of games is more realistic than you might think. You are standing in front of Bazivooo's entrance hall."