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France to screen 3 Iranian animations for second time

France is to screen three Iranian animations for the second time.

France is set to screen three Iranian animations, including ‘The Crow that Wanted to be the Strongest’, for the second time.

‘The Story of That Covetous Crow’ by Abdollah Alimorad,  ‘The Crow that Wanted to be the Strongest’ by Mohammad-Ali Soleimanzadeh, and Morteza Ahadi’s ‘The Sparrow and the Cotton Seed’ will be screened in France later this month month.

Les Films du Whippet, the French distribution company, which screened the trio in 2007, will screen the animations for the second time on the occasion of its 15th anniversary.

The films will be screened in the form of a feature film named “The Crow and an Amazing Sparrow” starting from March 25.