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‘Slaughter’ to go on screen at Film Fest Sundsvall

Iranian short film ‘Slaughter’ has been set to attend the 3rd Film Fest Sundsvall in Sweden.

Iranian short film ‘Slaughter’ has been set to attend the 3rd Film Fest Sundsvall in Sweden.

Co-directed by Ako Zand-Karimi and Saman Hosseinpour, the social flick ill compete with works from US, France, Austria, Sweden, India, China, Singapore, Canada, South Korea, Belgium, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Syria, Italy, Serbia, UK and Romania.

The event will be held in International Shorts, Competition and Panorama, Nordic Mid Competition, Norrland Shorts Competition, Children’s Films and Music Mania sections.

‘Slaughter’ narrates the story of a small village family whose life depends on their one and only cow that they own.  They are in fact very fond of the animal which however, must be sold to help the family live through a rough winter.

The family son saddened by this decision will let the cow go to prevent its doomed destiny.

The short took its international premiere at the 2018 Early Bird International Student Film Festival in Bulgaria.  

‘Slaughter’ has also won the best short film award at the 18th Villammare Film Festival in Italy, the jury prize at the 8th Rural Short Film Competition (Mostremp 2019) in Spain as well as the best screenplay award at the 7th Parma Music Film Festival in Italy..

‘Slaughter’ was also announced as the Best Film from the Audiences' View at the 2nd Fredonia Film Festival in the US and brought Fereydoun Hamedi the Best Actor award at the 3rd International University Festival Cine-Literature of Agadir in Morocco.

Likewise, the short film was named the Best Fiction Film at "The Unprecedented Cinema" of the International Festival of Short Film in Estonia and received Best Cinematography award at the Asian Cinematography Awards in the Philippines.  

The film event is slated to be held in Sweden on March 11-15, 2020.