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Tumbleweeds filmfest to host ‘The Cycling wind’

The Tumbleweeds filmfest for Kids in the US is to host Iranian animation ‘The Cycling Wing’.

The Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids in the US has scheduled to host Iranian animation ‘The Cycling Wing’.

Directed by Nazanin Sobhan-Sarbandi, the short animation will be screened at the Amazing Animations section of the 9th edition of the US event.

A brief synopsis for the flick reads, “A young wind finds a bicycle and starts ridding it. For the wind it means hours of effortless fun and moving around. The most important thing is that, it is the only one who has such a vehicle which causes other winds to be impressed and at the same time envious”.

The short title has so far attended a number of global events, including the Annual Bike Shorts Film Festival in the US, the International Animated Film Festival ‘Les Nuits Magiques’ in France and the Canterbury Anifest in the UK.

The Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids serves to both cinemagoers and the ones who wish to make a career out of filmmaking.

The event that has originally been planned for two weekends has already done its first course on March 6-8 and the second part of it is slated for March 13-15. The Iranian short will be screened on the latter one.