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US Women’s fest to host Iran short ‘Exam’

Brattleboro Women’s Filmfest in US is to host Iranian short film ‘Exam’.

The Brattleboro Women’s Film Festival in the US has set to host Iranian short film ‘Exam’.

The 29th edition of the American film festival will be screening Sonia Haddad’s award-winning short film.

The film narrates the story of a girl named Sadaf who has forebodings for the exam she is going to take. But today, instead of going to school she must deliver a package of illegal drugs to a client and gets caught in a weird cycle of events.

The short has already attended a number of international events and grabbed some awards, including the AFI fest award which made the title qualified for the short film category of the Oscars 2021 and the 35th Sundance Film Festival in the US has honored the flick’s star Sadaf Asgari with the Special Jury Award for Best Actor.

According to the official website of the Brattleboro Women’s Film Festival the event is a “platform for women to tell their own stories”. The event that holds annually accepts films from around the world.

The latest edition of the film festival is slated for March 20-29, 2020.