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‘Texas’ producer to develop ‘Coronavirus’

Producer of 'Texas 2' is set to assume the responsibility of new film titled ‘Coronavirus’.

Producer of 'Texas 2' is set to assume the responsibility of new film themed on sacrifices of Iranian medical teams after the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran.

According to a media report, famed Iranian producer Ebrahim Amerian will produce a flick titled ‘Coronavirus’ in the social genre.

The movie's script is in development with the production license as well as director selection to follow next.  

Amerian said to the local media that he dedicates the film to medical teams, including doctors and nurses, and all those fighting against Coronavirus in order to protect people’s health.

He added the film depicts sensitive moments they experienced and their efforts to combat the virus.

Amerian produced popular movie ‘Texas’ featuring ifilm stars Sam Derakhshani and Pejman Jamshidi.

The flick narrates the story of two friends, Sasan and Bahram, with the former living in Brazil and the latter longing to move there.

In order to make his dream come true, Bahram adopts a Brazilian child to increase his chances of moving there. The next step which involves a money transfer to Sasan in order to complete the transaction is where it all begins.

The film’s tagline reads, “Never threaten an Iranian, even in Texas”.

The movie was box office hit and sold quite well after its theatrical release in Iran.